I am a Researcher of the Joss Research Institute. I work primarily on lasers and ceramics, with occasional excursions into other areas.

2 responses to “Copper and Gold Pigments, Ceramics Technical: Appendices”

  1. Norm Stuart

    Do you have a photo of the Gold Ruby Stain in a glaze? I’ve seen the gold ruby glass but never in a glaze.

    I’ve only seen traces accidentally when someone fired a Duncan Gold Luster at too high a cone and the gold pinked the underlying glaze, similar to a chrome pinked tin majolica.

  2. Ryan Coppage

    Hi. I’m currently finishing a PhD in chemistry and have additionally been working with pottery and glazes for the last 8 years. Hilariously, I work in a nanomaterials lab in which we characterize particle size as a function of color (wavelength). I’ve had success with using citrate-stablized 13 nm gold nanoparticles added to a clear base glaze, and observing dark pink/soft red results from reduction ^6 firings.

    It didn’t occur to me to use the Sn until now, but it makes sense as SnO is a common additive for both reduction (copper) and oxidation (chrome) reds. Curiously, by what mechanism does tin modify the final red color of the glaze?

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