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A Charge-Transfer TEA Nitrogen Laser That Is Driven by a Small Marx Bank

[Started on May 15, 2011.]


This page is intended partly as a followon to

the “Easy TEA Laser” page
and partly as a standalone project. It describes a relatively powerful room-pressure nitrogen laser.

Before we get any further along, we need some safety information and a disclaimer.

!!   WARNING   !!

If you build this project you do so at your own discretion, and at your own risk.

These lasers use high voltages, and capacitors that can store lethal amounts of energy. They put out invisible ultraviolet light that can damage your eyes and skin. It is extremely important to take adequate safety precautions and use appropriate safety equipment with any laser; and it is crucially important with lasers that involve high voltages and/or produce invisible beams!

In addition, this particular laser uses two open spark gaps, which will damage your hearing if you do not use adequate ear protection. I strongly suggest that you acquire and use at least a pair of sound-protection earmuffs of the type used by shooters at rifle and pistol ranges; they look about like this:

width=”224″ height=”300″

Figure 1: Hearing protection

(These cost me $35, and they are definitely worth it.)» Read the rest

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