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Pumping a CW Dye Laser with a Green DPSSL Module

This project is part of a larger project I have in mind, which requires a mode locked laser. (That project, or at least its earliest stage, is described in TJIIRRS #23.) I initially tried passively mode locking a blue diode laser, but that proved to be somewhat fraught, and I need to find an appropriate detector before I proceed further with it. (I may also need to try active or hybrid locking.) For the moment, I have set that approach aside in favor of a different one. We have an old Coherent CR-599-04 jet dye laser and a Coherent 5920 dye circulator, and I decided that it might be a good idea to attempt to get these running as a possible alternative path.

I thought about using the blue diode laser to pump the CR-599, but there are two apparent obstacles. First, the blue diode is a multimode device, and it may not be possible to focus the beam from it down to a suitable spot size: jet dye lasers generally utilize spot size of less than 50 microns diameter, and I think they prefer 10 or 20 microns. Second, it is difficult to find a low-threshold dye that absorbs » Read the rest

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