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Joss Research Institute Web Report #15, part B: Toward an Affordable DIY Dye Laser, Revamp for Better Efficiency

TJIIRRS, Report Number 15B:

Toward a Straightforward DIY Flashlamp-Pumped Organic Dye Laser
Step 2: Improvements

(January 5, 2010, ff)

This page details some things I am trying in an effort to enhance the performance of the laser that I described on the previous page.


This laser uses high voltages, and capacitors that can store lethal amounts of energy. It puts out a laser beam that can damage your eyes and skin, and it uses organic dyes, some of which are known to be quite toxic. It also uses flammable organic solvents.

It is important to take adequate safety precautions and use appropriate safety equipment with any laser; but it is crucially important with lasers that involve high voltages and present a health and/or fire hazard!

1: Overview and Review of Simmering Results

(11 January, 2010)

Harald Noack, of Graz University of Technology, suggested that I try simmering and pre-pulsing the flashlamp. He cited an article in which the authors obtained 20% improvement in lamp performance just by simmering, and obtained further improvements in laser performance (particularly with blue dyes) and lamp lifetime by prepulsing the lamp.

Simmering involves passing a DC current through the lamp. With

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