Joss Research Institute Web Report #20: The Hunt for Red Tenmoku

TJIIRRS: Number 20

Red Temmoku: A Difficult Glaze


When I first started making my own glazes, I read Robert Tichane’s book about Ash Glazes. In his discussion of Jian teaware he mentions having been given a chip of glaze, and (assuming I remember this correctly) he says that in transmission it was a brownish yellow color. Jian teaware, however, looks almost black. This is because the bowls are made of a dark stoneware-type clay, and a brownish yellow glaze looks really dark on them; I am using porcelain, and a glaze of that sort is not anywhere near as interesting, at least to me.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in NYC, has a photo of a particularly lovely “Hare’s Fur” piece on its Website. As you can see, aside from the crystalline formations that give it the appearance of fur, the glaze appears quite dark. Last modified: Mon Jul 12 14:35:41 EDT 2010

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I am a Researcher of the Joss Research Institute. I work primarily on lasers and ceramics, with occasional excursions into other areas.

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