Ceramics at the Joss Research Institute

Ceramics at The Joss Research Institute

Some publications:

  • Rutile Blue
    Studio Potter, Volume 35 Number 1, December, 2006;
    I regret that the photo in the article fails to do justice to the bowl in question. (Largely my fault.) Here is a slightly better one.

  • Fluorescent Glazes
    Clay Times, May/June 2005, pp48-52;
    You can find photos (including some items that were not in the article, as well as some technical information) by following the link I give below.

  • Recreating the Black Ding Glaze
    Studio Potter, Volume 33 Number 1, December, 2004;
    (Again, see below for a link to online versions of the photos, as well as some ancillary information.)

  • I hope to have one or more articles out fairly soon about other work I’ve been doing, some of it with translucent porcelain.

Pages about my work:

I’ll post more here as they become available or as I think of them.

This work is supported by
the Joss Research Institute
19 Main St.
Laurel MD 20707-4303 USA

Contact Information:

Email: a@b.com, where you can replace a with my first name (jon, only 3 letters, no “h”) and b with joss.

Phone: +1 240 604 4495.

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I am a Researcher of the Joss Research Institute. I work primarily on lasers and ceramics, with occasional excursions into other areas.

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